Sometimes writing down our thoughts and questions is easier than finding words (speaking) or asking someone for help. When you are really need help, but cannot find those words texting offers you the privacy and conveniences of reaching out without having to worry about how you will be perceived.


It also takes away the anxiety of worrying who will know, or wondering if other people will find out, as it is completely private. It also offers you the comfort of confidentiality. It is very easy to text the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline.


Just visit our website, which you can find easily by typing the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline ( into any search engine on your computer, IPad or phone. Once at the SPGH website, you will find convenient links to our Text and Chat lines. Just click on the link, and send us a confidential text.


In your text, you can ask for help or inquire for a family member or friend who may be dealing with an addiction to gambling. It is also a great way to find out general information about gambling addictions.


The Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline Text or Chat line team will make it a comfortable experience, so you do not feel judged or pressured when seeking help or advice.


As addictions are very personal, many may not seek help as they don’t want others to know or may not be able to talk about the problem without becoming overwhelmed. Texting allows you to write down your thoughts and feelings and revisit them.


This can be an important step in self-healing and self-awareness. It also allows you to take time to think, reflect, and add additional thoughts. This helps you ask, and figure out what questions are important to you.


Texting [1-306-400-2785} and Online Chat [} is available seven days a week from 7pm to midnight.