When gambling stops feeling like a game, or if you are gambling too much, voluntary self-exclusion may be the right program for you.

In fact, voluntary self-exclusion can be an important first step in helping you control your gambling issues.

The objective of the voluntary self-exclusion program allows you the option to exclude yourself from gambling at local casinos. You can also choose the length of your exclusion, which can range from three months to five years.

The self-exclusion process can be completed at any casino in the province.

The first step is to meet with a GameSense Advisor or a member of the security staff who has been trained to handle requests for voluntary self-exclusion. This meeting is done in a private and confidential manner and involves a review of conditions, sharing government photo ID and signing an exclusion agreement.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual joining the program to comply with all conditions of the voluntary self-exclusion agreement, which applies to all Saskatchewan casinos.

If needed, the program can also be facilitated offsite upon special request. It must also be noted that a voluntary self-exclusion is the first step in recovery or addressing gambling problems.

Anyone who signs a voluntary self-exclusion agreement is strongly encouraged to visit with a problem gambling counselor or attend other programs.

Should the self-exclusion agreement be violated, you will be escorted from the property immediately and may be subject to prosecution.

As well, both SIGA and SaskGaming have a very detailed disentitlement of winnings policy and procedures.

What this means is, if you violate your self-exclusion agreement and play in any Saskatchewan casino, you’re not eligible to receive any prizes such as winnings or any other rewards.

If you have a loved one you believe has a gambling problem, it’s understandable that you’d want to help.

However, only the person seeking self-exclusion can sign up for the program. A spouse, family member or friend cannot enroll them.

Voluntary self-exclusion is a serious process but it’s a very good tool for people who have tried other ways to control their gambling and feel they need further assistance.

For more information contact the manager of responsible gambling on your next casino visit or call 306-787-2122 or 306-527-6408.