For some, gambling can be viewed as an opportunity for quick financial advancement and a way to grab easy money.

Today we live in a world where self-worth is measured on the quality of material goods we own. This need to keep up with the neighbours can make people look for quick and easy ways to gain funds or increase their cash flow using lotteries and VLTS.

This can be even more of an issue for those who live in poverty or come from a back ground where money was not always readily available.

Gambling can come into play for those who are stressed as they try to live above their current means and accumulate materials good to improve the perception of their status in the eyes of friends and family.

These habits can be very difficult to break and cause one to turn to ways of finding easy money.

As the gambling losses mount, it may drive people deeper into debt and depression. Chasing the money can have a domino effect and trigger a variety of anxieties.

If you’re concerned about yourself, a family member, or a close friend, there are resources and educators that can help you identify and manage stress before it totally takes over your life or that of a loved one.

Whether the stress is related to money issues or buying habits that have increased our gambling habits to become a problem, our counsellors can help assess and identify alternatives to address your immediate problems.

Rural Saskatchewan residents also faces barriers that are primarily associated with living outside large urban centres. These may include little or no access to services, lack of public transport, isolation and loneliness.

Always remember, you are never alone. Call one of our confidential crisis counsellors today at 1.800.306.6789. Our website,, also offers helpful information and self-help tools through on-line chats, texting and email.