Connecting with a gambling counsellor has many benefits and can help you with discussing your gambling habits, patterns, and making a recovery plan that is going to work specifically for you.

What are the benefits to meeting with a gambling counsellor?

  • it’s free with a Saskatchewan health card
  • it’s one on one, private & confidential with counsellors who are trained specifically in this area.
  • you’re not just limited to gambling specific issues (ex: you can learn coping tools, supports and resources of other areas such as depression, anxiety, stress)
  • you can get connected with additional supports (ex: your gambling counsellor may put you in contact with a local support group )
  • your counsellor can make recommendations specifically for you and your situation

What to expect during your first counselling appointment?

Congratulations on making this appointment and taking this step in your recovery and seeking help and support. Taking this step can often be difficult and challenging, but here is some info on what to expect during your first counselling session with the trained gambling counsellor. Most sessions are similar for first appointments:

-the first meeting will generally consist of an intake session or information gathering session (ex: history, frequency of gambling, how much, and establishing a pattern)

Other things generally discussed:

  •  what brought you there
  •  how are you functioning overall
  •  what are your stressors and supports
  •  is there a risk of harm, mental health history, other addictions
  •  physical history (overall health)
  •  previous attempts at quitting, previous treatment or recovery
  •  then developing a personalized action plan

During the first and second session, counsellors then focus on more about the gambling specifics and will discuss information, strategies and supports

  • focus on the 3 things that are needed in order to gamble:


2) opportunity

3) money

By eliminating one or more of these, reduces the risk or trigger and urge of gambling

Information and learning is provided on how to deal with and overcome triggers (developing an action plan or strategy)

Discuss strategies and supports such as

  •  self ban from the casino
  •  limiting access to money
  •  finding things to occupy free time
  •  changing passwords on computers

Overall there are many benefits to working one on one with a gambling counsellor in your area, and they can provide support that is specific and unique to you and your situation. Thinking about making an appointment? Find the list of gambling counsellors listed on our website for one in your area.

If you have more questions or require more information about gambling support, call the Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-306-6789