Gambling, for the most part, can be a fun leisure activity, however for some, it can develop into a problem and addiction. It is important to know the risks and consequences involved and to know your odds. If you are going to gamble, here are some helpful tips for responsible gambling and to gamble safely.

  • Stick To Your Limit

If you set a specific limit, it can help you from overspending or spending more money than anticipated. This can also help especially if you lose your money quickly.

  • Don’t Use Gambling As A Way To Make Money

The fact is, if you gamble long enough, you will spend more money than you win.

  • Set A Time Limit

This can help you from spending too many hours gambling. Most people don’t realise how quickly time can pass when involved in the action and in the game. This can also be helpful even if  you are winning.

  • Avoid Combining Gambling And Alcohol

These two often do not mix well together and can create more problems when combined. It can be a slippery slope as the more you drink the higher change you will likely place bets, and the more you lose, the higher chance you may consume more alcohol.

  • Go With Friends Or Family

This will create the atmosphere to be more geared towards fun and entertainment and will also help keep you accountable to both time and money

  • Don’t Gamble With Money You Need In The Future

Only gamble with the available funds that you have at present, and with what money you can afford to spend. Think of this as entertainment money only and spend only what your budget allows.

By following some of these helpful tips, it should help you to gamble safely and responsibly. If you are struggling with gambling responsibly and with limits, then you may need to look at eliminating yourself from the gambling and gaming industry as it can quickly develop into an addiction. If you are unsure if you are struggling with a gambling addiction, check out the other blogs on this site that list signs of a gambling addiction, or visit the website

If you have more questions or require more information about gambling support, call the Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-306-6789