The CFL was founded in 1958. There are 9 teams, and 2 divisions-East and West. There are 5 teams playing in the West division and 4 playing in the East Division. The regular season lasts from mid June until earlyNovember. ( 21 WEEKS ) Each team plays 18 games with 3 bye weeks, and 6 teams compete in the 3 week divisional playoffs until Grey Cup. The Grey Cup is the equalivalent of the Super Bowland is played in November.

In 2020 there was no football because of Covid 19 , and this caused a great financial strain on all the CFL teams.

They have opted to enter legal single game betting on-line as a means to get the league out of financial trouble. Legalization of single game sports betting could be worth 20 million annually for the CFL. Predictions are this could provide a huge boost to the Canadian sports industry. Others have said “This is going to be the second biggest revenue generator behind the television deal. Some estimates have been around 2 million per team. The 20 million figure is intriguing considering CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie told the House of Commons Standing Finance Committee in May 2020 that the CFL loses 10 to 20 million per season. This means that single sports betting could singlehandedly allow the league to be profitable without any improvements to other areas of its business model.

It stands to reason that if people are betting on games, they are more likely to buy tickets, watch them on TV, and consume pre and post analysis.